Friday, March 18, 2022

SMASH 1.7.3 is out

We just released SMASH 1.7.3 to the stores.

New features:

Enhanced editing workflow

Editing was a bit messy with the fact that upon new geometry creating a complete geometry was placed in the selected point. This has now been made properly. First touch point, second line, third polygon. Also, now a simple tap adds a geometry, a long tap puts in edit mode.

Area and perimeter

The attribute table now always also shows at the bottom the area (polygons) and length (polygon perimeter and lines length).


New language updates have been added for: Italian, French, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian

To help out with translations please head over here:


The survey server

This version of SMASH is aligned with the version 3.5 of the survey server. 

Other stuff

  • single tap now centers on map position
  • images of forms now have their own position, not the note's 
  • fix for empty exported image folder
  • fix for misbehaving measure tool
  • fix for geopackage export (was connecting logs)

Need an apk because you do not use the store?

You can download it here:

As a reminder, the user manual is here:


Tuesday, August 24, 2021

SMASH 1.7.0 is out!

We just released version 1.7.0 of SMASH to the stores. This was initially thought as a bugfix release but then we got caught up in the vortex of some advanced users and their well formulated comments, feature requests and bugfix ideas. This lead to a set of new features:

Form enhancements:

Probably the most important feature. Forms can now be used also for postgis and geopackage data sources. Until now it was possible only for project notes. 

Autocomplete combos for very long lists of choices:


Sketches are back (well, for those that came from geopaparazzi):


String combos in forms can now be encoded. This means that each item of a combo can have a label and a value. That is another nice feature brought in by the Georepublic people.


Export project images to folder

Another feature asked by geopaparazzi lovers. And here it is: