Monday, October 6, 2014

Geopaparazzi at FOSS4G 2014 Osaka/Tokyo

This year I have the great honor to be invided to attend and present a the FOSS4G in Osaka and Tokyo and do some research with the team of professor Venkatesh Raghavan.

There will be to mainstreams we will contribute to:


This is quite natural, since the Japanese is one of the most supportive communities to the project.

Well, we do not know all the details about the program yet, but we know for sure that apart of the talks there will be a:

Hands-on workshop:  27 Oct 2014: FOSS4G-Osaka

Code Sprint: 25 Oct 2014: FOSS4G-Osaka

I have to admit that for me as author of Geopaparazzi it is amazing to attend the first geopaparazzi code sprint in Osaka. I do love code sprints!

I know for many of you it is far, but maybe some nearby community members can come? It would be great to meet you in person and maybe discuss some future geopaparazzi features.

uDig, the Spatial Toolbox and LESTO

We will give some presentation about uDig and its Spatial Toolbox, both from a technical point of view as well as a user pooint of view.

We will also introduce the LESTO toolbox, which enables LiDAR data processing in the Spatial Toolbox.To get an idea about LESTO, have a look here.

That is all for now. But we'll keep you posted as soon as we have news.