Thursday, August 8, 2019

Geopaparazzi 6 betas - testers wanted

Dear all,
as you might have noticed, the upcoming geopaparazzi release will introduce huge changes due to the migration to the graphically accelerated VTM engine in substitution of the old version of mapsforge we were using and that was getting unusable due to https online resources policies on Android.

Also this version of geopaparazzi contains a sparkling new build of spatialite based on proj 6 and is available for 64bit devices. So this also will need some review to make sure it works on most devices.

All this allowed us to have several great functionalities as for example a 2.5 view

or the possibility to have multiple layers loaded (ex. mbtiles on top of online maps). Also this will soon open the possibility for vector tile layers, which is a huge improvement on the long run.

Being that many changes in the game, Brent Fraser suggested to make the beta release available for community testing and I agree with him.

The first beta release has been uploaded and a link will be placed and updated at the end of this post. Everyone can try it out, test it, let us know, possible in the issue tracker.

Each updated beta will have also the translations updated, if you need to check on some strings.

I am quite confident that we can make a beta release every day from now on, if there are changes in the code (fixes) or updated translations.

The links are directly going to the apk, so this can be smoothly done from the device.

Clearly this will also need an updated user manual, which is again a big task. Brent opened a ticket where the task can be monitored in the manual's issue tracker. If you are able to help, please get in touch with us.

My wish is to get the geopaparazzi 6 release out at the "Geopaparazzi: state of the art" presentation at Foss4G 2019.

Thanks to everyone.

List of betas (pick the first to get the newest):