Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The geopap-browser is on its way

Well, it is not often that I throw myself in the web development world, but geopaparazzi needed a simple way to upload/download projects for happy collaboration.

So aided by the simplicity of the play framework and my treasurebox TANTO team, I started the journey to create the geopap-browser.

The aim was to create a web prototype to showcase the functionalities of the webproject possibilities of geoapaprazzi. So in the next release you will be able to export a project to a configured server:

The browser application itself is quite simple.
We have a main page listing the uploaded projects (with simple filter possibility):

And then there is a project view that gives a nice summary of the data contained in the project. It is also possible to see the profiles of the traces and... download the points and lines as shapefiles.

So... we are working on it, stay tuned!