Monday, December 7, 2015

The 11th international gvSIG conference

It has all in all been a good conference, even if it was our first gvSIG conference since the migration from uDig to gvSIG. 
The community gave us a warm welcome and apart of all the presentations, we also spent a lot of time developing together at the code sprint, working on integrating gvSIG in OSGeo 4 Windows, chatting about gvSIG for water management... and obviously having great fun :-)

For those interested, here the slides of the presentations we gave:

1) Digital field mapping with Geopaparazzi and gvSIG

2) New tools for LiDAR, forestry, river management and hydrogeomorphology in gvSIG

3) GIS tools for water supply systems: an implementation using JGrasstools and gvSIG