Sunday, June 22, 2008

Osgeo Code Sprint 2008 - Bolsena

Bolsena, the day after.

A good feeling, to much new stuff to investigate, things to try, code to review.

I remember the day after the last years code sprint in Merano, were I wasn't able to write more than 20 lines of code because of all the organisation issues.

This year it has been even too much code. Thanks to the support of Daniele Romagnoli from the Geosolutions team, we were able to create the GRASS raster datastore for geotools.
What this will mean? Almost everything. For example that soon (we will bring this in udig trunc) GRASS rasters will be reprojected on the fly, that geoserver can serve them to google earth, that we are starting to follow the OGC coverage standard, that... that... at some point we will have tilecache!!

Oh, and yes, we finally compiled the imageio-ext libraries with gdal & friends bindings for macosx.

Well, it has been a highly productive week. Funny, because looking at the pictures, you would not exactly think that.

"Mens sana in corpore ludico"

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