Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The day r.proj stood still...

I use GRASS, from time to time I develop GRASS, all in all I love GRASS.
But there are things of GRASS that I hate... those small things that lead me to start with JGrass long time ago.

An example? r.proj!

Does it really have to be a pain to reproject a couple of maps into a new location?

Shouldn't it be something like:

1) select the maps you want to reproject, rightclick on the selection and use a nice command to reproject

2) define a name for the new location and a new mapset, choose the new coordinate reference system

3) sit back and watch that thing work and enjoy the new location appearing in the file browser

4) enjoy the new location with its reprojected maps

Yes, I think that's the way it should be... and it also will be in JGrass aligned with uDig 1.2.

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