Tuesday, March 17, 2009

JGrass loves Worldwind

Lately I had the need to look a bit more deep into Nasa World Wind.

With the help of the amazing examples of Patrick Murris I have been able to connect a map from a GRASS workspace to be automatically visualised and tiled for WW.

The funky thing is that while tiled, a cache is created, so it is slow only the first time.

and the same with transparency:

I am still looking for a way to substitute the elevation model of WW with a custom one on the fly.

For now this is all about prototyping and documenting, but it looks great.
Would be good to have it embeded in JGrass/uDig as its default 3D viewer?
Who knows... :)


aborruso said...


Bull said...

Nice work.

The Hydrology Guy said...

Yes, sure, I would like too have it in Jgrass. ric

Adam said...

Awesome, do you mind sharing how you did this? I'd love to be able to visualize my grass database with worldwind...

moovida said...

Hi Adam, I am afraid this was a prototype which back then worked quite well but then never got fundings to go on. Some time ago I tried it again against the latest WW and it didn't work out of the box.

If you are a developer and want to get your hands on that to make it work again (shouldn't be much work), I will be glad to pass you the code.

Basically I created a WW layer that
generates the map tiles from the grass raster and stores them in WW format for later use.

Feel free to contact me in private if you want to contribute.