Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Geopaparazzi 1.1

Geopaparazzi 1.1 has just been released to the Android Market.

This version now needs 1.6 (Donut) Android as minimum OS, since that is needed to support multiple screens.

Main changes:
* Italian translation
* support for multiple screens (from HTC Wildfire to Galaxy Tab)

Visit for documentation.
Release notes are here.


Anonymous said...

Is this really available in the Android Market? I see other non-free applications but Geopaparazzi is not there.

Andrea said...

This is so strange, you are not the first person reporting it. I do not understand why, if I search for geopaparazzi in the market, I find it. Can you please try it?

Else, if you have a barcodescanner installed on the phone, you can use directly the QR code you find on the right side of the geopaparazzi homepage.

Anonymous said...

I have tried both methods without success.

moovida said...

that is odd, perhaps a country setting? Could you please tell me which country you are from? In case feel free to drop me a private email.

moovida said...

A friend of mine made me note that perhaps it is because of the Android version. In fact we stepped up to 1.6 to support multiple screen sizes. The drawback is that now the 1.5 didn't see it because it is not supported.

I just created a 1.5 version and tested it on a HTC Magic and Dream phone. Can you try to search again please? Should be there now.

Anonymous said...

I am running 2.2 with Finnish SIM.

moovida said...

I really do not understand what is happening. I have a 2.2 system and it sees it, so it is not permission. Finland is a well supported nation. I will try to search for issues.

In the meanwhile I have a proposal for you :) What about translating the application in your language and I am so glad to send it to you by email?

The effort would be this:

Anonymous said...

No go from Australia.

moovida said...

What do you mean by no go? Australia is a supported country.

You can't find it in the market or you can't download?

moovida said...

For those that couldn't find it through the QR code on the main geopaparazzi website ( I just changed the QR code, it should work better now.