Saturday, November 13, 2010

geopaparazzi gets the PANIC! button

In the upcoming release of geopaparazzi there will be three main additions:

1) the Sinhala translation
2) the possibility to not only take pictures and georeference them, but also recorded audio


3) the PANIC! button

What would that be? Well, I figured out that my bussiness partner would use it for surveying, my dad would use it to trace mushrooms places somewhere off the track and my girlfriend would use it to log her infinite mountainbike trips. We wanted something that would send out the current position to a preconfigured telephone number with a simple click in the case of problems. Well, that's all that it does... push the button, push push the button! :)


The Hydrology Guy said...

Great additions Andrea, However, I would set out a danger signal if pushing two button together (for instance "panic" and the above "speak". Have to test it but I believe it is not so difficult to push panic for an error.
Maybe in future you can implement also an automated tracking of position by another cellular phone, like the service google is offering. So, for instance, upon my permission, you can track on your geopaparazzi my position.


moovida said...

Hi ric, the panic button has a double check exactly for the reason you are saying. You push it and it asks you to confirm you want to send.
Anyways also the other option you say is already in. You can enable the "sms catcher", which means that if someone sends you an sms with the word "geopap" in it, geopaparazzi sends back the last known location.