Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Geopaparazzi 2 released

Well, it had to come finally. The version 2 of Geopaparazzi is finally in the market. Not much more to say more than I did already in the last posts.

Just to summarize a bit:

release notes for version 2.0.0

New features:

  • complete new graphical interface rewrite following the google design guidelines

  • support for customized json forms

  • actionbar also in mapview

  • better navigation buttons in mapview

  • panic button and send position button are now split

  • moved the maps cache out of the geopap folder for better reuse


  • tons of code revies and tweaks

  • moved all hardcoded guis to xml

  • much better interaction in maps lists

  • logs now have proper end timestamp

The documentation entry page is here.

With this release we also decided to release the old version for free in the market, so if you search for geopaparazzi or geopaparazzi 1, the free version should appear ready to be installed.

That said, Season Greetings to everyone. I hope you all had a nice Xmas and are heading to an amazing new year's eve!!


sanderd said...

Hmmm, I searched it in the market, and I didn't found it. I guess it has to do with my little screen: http://developer.android.com/guide/practices/screens_support.html#attrs

moovida said...

Hi Sanderd, that is not the case. I defined it ok also for small screens and low density. I tried it on a wildfire. What phone do you have?

sanderd said...

I have a HTC Tattoo (android 1.6), I searched the market for it (double checked the spelling) and it said it couldn't find it.
I believe the only difference between the wildfire and the tattoo is the android version. If that's not the problem I don't know what would be the problem.

moovida said...

The tattoo. Another guy reported this problem now that you make me think about it. Hrmpf... I would really love to know what the problem with that one is.
Would you send me your email address to discuss this a second? I would like to contact you, if you do not mind.

sanderd said...

It has to be the android version, I now switched to CM6 (FroYo) since the XDA-devs almost got the camera working and I can find the app without a problem.

If you want to mail me: go to OSM:


Or just google for my nickname.

moovida said...

Yeah, that now makes sense, thanks for the feedback.
The camera is one of the required features, so probably the market was filtering on the camera presence. I was using the same CM on a dream and was seeing it. This was very helpfull, thanks.