Monday, January 31, 2011

My latex friend Texclipse

I think I tried it once already and it wasn't mature at that time, but now I am really glad to say that the project is really nice and usable: Texlipse.

Finally a way to write my latex documentation from within my favourite IDE. While under linux setting up latex is quite easy, in windows it needs a bit more love.

Antways the configuration instructions on the texlipse site are great, so not much more to say.

The only thing I found nasty, is the fact that I need the output pdf to be built in a different folder than my source files are in. For me this is due to the fact that otherwise every time I save and it builds, the pdf is uploaded on my dropbox.

As you can see in the screen, there is a setting that tells: "bin directory of tex distribution", which should give me the possibility to change the output folder. Well, in my install, that one is not only ignored, the textfield of the folder gets blanked out after I press APPLY or OK.

An easy workaround is to add the small option to the command -output-directory=:

Good stuff from the Texlipse guys, goooood stuff!

Oh yeah, and wait, a screenshot:


Anonymous said...

Hi, no need for changing the builder settings: You can simple switch the output folder in the Latex project settings.

moovida said...

Hi Anon, where is that. Because in my project settings I only have a way to set the output file path. But when I tried, I think it was using the given path as relative, so if I wanted a path outside the build folder, the path got inexisting.

Am I missing something?