Sunday, May 8, 2011

NetTools 1.0.0 in Osgeo4W flush

We have been working on the nettools for udig a while now. The aim is to have tools to handle water supply systems and stromwater networks.

Well the first part is out. Epanet inside uDig for water supply systems.

It gives the possibility to create networks inside the GIS

And has wizards to run simulations

It has also been used in developing countries already, for planning and training purposes

Guess what is missing as usual? The manual... I really hope someone gets that one done. Downside is that for now the tools have to be used by trying them and asking for help in the udig mailinglist.

For now the nettools are available in the Osgeo4W installer.


Sidney Goveia said...

A little tutorial about the use of the NetTools is a great help for many users, included me.

moovida said...

Hi Sidney, I understand the need for documentation. The problem is that we had no resources to create a manual for the tools.

The courses planned soon about the nettools should provide a first Italian manual:

Then translation should come along.

I am sorry that won't be right now.

antonio said...

I am a user of Epanet, I learned that there is a plugin for uDig but do not know where I can download it and how to install.
Could you help me?

moovida said...

Hi Antonio, as stated in the post, a version of uDig with the nettools is available in the Osgeo4W installer. Just download and run:
When you come to the selection of the software to install (advanced install mode), search for nettools. It will install all the needed dependencies without problems.

antonio said...

Hi, thank you for your valuable suggestions. Is there an online guide for the use of the application? Created the model can be exported to EPANET?

MrCrasch69 said...

Complimenti.. ora proverò il tools sono un modellatore e così potro verificare i pregi del modulo