Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Geopaparazzi Web Map Tiles enhancements

Well, why should geopaparazzi hang behind uDig? :)

Ok, there are a number of reasons, but in this case, it doesn't have to be like that.

A small piece of history
Some of you might know that I am now part if the Italian TANTO geospatial (and not only) information/education blog.
In April I decided to go and visit the one guy that actually founded that blog in the most distant place in Italy from where I live: Andrea Borruso from Palermo.

We spent a couple of days daydreaming under the heavy effects of muffolette, cassatelle, cannoli and the grand finale of the sfince di San Giuseppe.

The recurring question was: how do we bring a custom raster into geopaparazzi? The potential is there, but we need to be able to load custom map!

Well, at the end we figured that the best thing would be to support local (as well as remote) TMS.
Andrea is black belt of TMS and was able to provide me with some tilesets.

So I started to implement the possibility to load the tiles on the phone and describe them with a small file, so that they would appear as tile sources.

We will throw out this new version as soon as the documentation is ready and some good tutorial on how to quickly handle data and stuff. as usual, if you wanna help, please contact us, we badly need support.

But in the meanwhile I really want to share some examples of the results we were able to achieve.

1) tiles of the ortofoto of sicily, zoomed on Palermo

2) an archeological area airbourne survey, done with drones. Imagery provided by the Consorzio TICONZERO. Interested how they are doing this? Have a look here.

3) technical map, overlayed with the results of a risk analysis (perfect for outdoor geologists and engineers)

Do you remember seeing this image somewhere already? Maybe loaded in uDig? :)

4) Last but not least, a scanned historical map (shiver down my spine)

Ok, need to stop here.
Basically soon it will be possible to load almost any kind of raster map into geopaparazzi, which is an amazing enhancement. Now all that's left, is to wait for the next release :)

This post is born as a parallel post (as in two different ways to tell the same story by the people that lived it) of this post.


cgs_bob said...

Next week, we will be testing Geopaparazzi (along with other tools)in the Golden Guardian Exercise ( Having Web Map Tiles would be a great help!

BTW, it would be way cool if there was a way to interface Geopaparazzi with UICDS(

andrea antonello said...

Hi Bob, I can supply you with it. Contact me in private please. I am currently at the Foss4gCee code sprint we are linking geopaparazzi data to GRASS. if you want I can send you the next release package that needs some final adjustments. Let me know.

It is amazing to now that Geopaparazzi will be part of the tested tools. I really would like you to try the new one, whic is much better and amazing with vector OSM maps and custom tiles.