Monday, January 7, 2013

Course: Java Open Source GIS Development - From the building block to extending an existing GIS application

About one and a half years ago I gave a course about Java Open Source GIS Development at the University of Potsdam for the Geoinformation Research Group, Department of Geography.

I always wanted to publish this material and make it nicer so people could use it... well, busy times and whatever... I ended up never publishing it.
So I simply do it now, without any additions and changes.

The course leads you through the development with geotools, jgrasstools with many code snippets and adding modules to the Spatial Toolbox of uDig.

The course is made of 5 parts, the pdfs are linked here on my slideshare page:

Enjoy and share if you like.


About Hydrology said...

Thanks Andrea,

already added to my Java related posts in my blog.


Anonymous said... is great...

wuletawu said...

Thanks a lot! its nice

Unknown said...

I am basically not a programmer and I am comparatively new to Java technology , so I was wondering what all topics should be covered up if i have to start java from the start and has any one
studied or got any info regarding this 6 week java training online course and should we also have knowledge of C language before we further move on to Advance Java topics??

moovida said...

Hi Sumit, I gave this course in 5 days to students that were just able to code a java Hello World program. It has been tough, but most of them were able to do a module at the end of the 5 days.

You might want to wait a couple of weeks. Right now I am givin a similar course about geoscripting in uDig, which might be better for you. It doesn't require almost any previous coding experience. I will post the slides again here in a little while.

Unknown said...

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