Friday, May 9, 2014

geopaparazzi 3.9.5 is out

This is mostly a bugfix release, but has one important addition, that sneaked in: the scaling of OSM online tiles on high resolution devices.

In the following image you can see the OSM tiles in geopaparazzi on a Nexus 5. The left image is from when we were not handling the scaling, and it is impossible to read the labels. The right one instead is scaled.

Advantage: you can read it.
Disadvantage: the image is scaled and therefore not as smooth as the original.

This can be enabled in the screen settings:

A bug that was keeping new map or mapurl tile sources to not being displayed in the treeview, brought us to the choice to simplify the tiles tree viewer. It has now only 2 levels, one of which represents the folder and the other the tile sources.
Filter buttons help to simplify searching on the source type:

Everything else has been mostly around enhancing the GPS system and fix the tile system that in the last release was giving problems on:
  • position on map wrong due to map bounds
  • move to bookmark not working
  • center on gps not working
Last but not least I am happy to welcome the Polish localization.
This brings us to 17 languages, of which 13 quite well supported. As usual, if you want to help out, this is the place.

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