Wednesday, November 11, 2015

GEOSS2GO project sponsored by the European Commission!

It is several months I do not publish and have at least 4 posts I have to write about arduino, geopaparazzi, gvSIG, uDig... oh my...

I have a good reason though... and that reason is called Simon and is now 8 months old. I don't regret any second I dedicated him instead of this blog.

But what better way to start if not with a great announcement???

This year HydroloGIS decided to participate to the call for innovative apps by the European Commission proposing an app that would exploit the power of geopaparazzi by making it customizable by third party apps.

In the particular case of MYGEOSS it will be possible to create apps that will make selected datasets and surveying forms available using the MYGEOSS data layers.

This will make it possible to use the app to customize the domain of the survey.

Well.... we won!!!!! Together with other 15 we were chosen and sponsored to develop the app!

What is the name of the future app?

As you can see here

GEOSS2GO by Hydrologis S.R.L.
Mobile app for digital field mapping in different domains (tourism, agriculture, risk management).

What is the "call for innovative apps"?

Citing parts of the project's site: The MYGEOSS project launched on September 15th its second open call for innovative applications using open data, or crowd-generated data in different domains that address citizens’ needs. The call closed on the 30th September and was a resounding success with 42 applications received from 15 countries: 43% from SMEs, 36% from universities and research centres, and 21% from individuals.

The submissions were reviewed by an international panel composed by members of staff of the European Commission, European Environment Agency, European Space Agency, European Research Agency, the private sector (OGC and Epsylon-Italia), and the European Citizen Science Association.

This is Open Data and Open Source and benefits also Geopaparazzi, which will be extended to interact with plugin-applications.

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