Friday, April 15, 2016

Geopaparazzi 5 is out! We are ready for Android 6!

To be honest I don't even know where to start from. This release has so many news against the previous one that it would need a complete review. And since it took so long to create this release we didn't even have time to update the user manual...

So let's just try to browse in a random way though some of the new features and the new look and feel of Geopaparazzi 5.

This is how it looks like: 

The look and feel is much smoother:

And the action bar now holds the context menu:

A big news for this release is that the datasources don't have to stay inside a dedicated maps folder. And more important, they are not scanned and checked all at every startup.

At first startup only the basic online mapnik datasource will be available:

but it is now quite simple to browse the device and choose supported datasources:

and have them available directly:

On long tap resources can be removed from the list.

Also the add note view has changed quite a bit. The simple notes are available from the actionbar on the right top part.

Form based notes now get the whole space of the view, below the switch that defines if the note is placed in the gps point or map center.

The forms view has been cleaned up:

and... it now can rotate!!! :-)

The GPS data list has been cleaned up:

as well as the track settings:

One of the biggest beauty in my opinion is the properties editor:

And the chart view has finally been reviewed and smoothing of the charts has been added:

Also the properties for the spatialite layers have been enhanced:

We have a labelling dialog:

The properties dialog adapts to the geometry type, adding fill, stroke and shape where necessary:

There is even an experimental dash pattern helper:

On the editing side of life some bugs were fixes and more important line editing has been added:

It is now possible to sort notes by proximity. To better understand, have a look at these 3 notes: Note 1, Note 2, Note 3

Please note that the map center is between note 2 and 3, while the gps position is on note 1.

Let's open the notes view by long tapping on the add note button. The view should open with the notes in insertion order:

Tap on the button in the action bar:

select the option to sort by mapcenter distance and you will find the list to be sorted like:

Need to sort by proximity with the gps position? Use the center on GPS button on the map view and you will be good.

I think this post has already taken too long. Just update your Geopaparazzi version (or install it for the first time) and play around with it. You will find those things that I forgot to mention here.

What we still need:

  • update of the user manual. I really have no time to do that right now, so if anyone is ready to volunteer, please contact me. 
  • add geopaparazzi to the f-droid project
  • language updates


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