Sunday, April 15, 2012

uDig feature movies

Have you ever had to check something like 2000 features? A quick check, nothing difficult. But 2000 or more features.
You start panning around, after a while you do not know what you passed already, your eyes get glossy, you loose control, bad things happen, and some of you ask themself why they can't just be writing code instead.

The only solution I could think of, was some kind of movie that would crawl through the features and zoom to each one, something you could stop and resume.

Well, the next uDig will finally have that tool:

I guess this doesn't need much explanation. If you have doubts, just ask.

One nice thing for the future might be to also add amap image export facility, which would make it possible to print an image of each feature?

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Extreme Easter Geopaparazz-ing Recipe


1) Choose the right day and the right place

2) Choose the right tool (Geopaparazzi of course!!)

3) Survey everything, no matter how hard

4) Let no obstacle stop you, let your mind float!

5) Tag on OSM even the most difficult locations

6) Fight for survey-val

7) Get home and do a regular (and well earned) Fruehshoppen with white sausages, brezel and hefe-weizen beer!

Happy Easter!!


Small update: the geopaparazzi kmz export. Amazing view if it does not snow that much :)