Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Geopaparazzi 4.3.0 is out!

A new Geopaparazzi version 4.3.0 has been pushed out in google play.

A quick release note:

1) The routing service has been replaced
The OpenRoutingService didn't work any more lately and I found the nice OsmBonuspack that had code for OSRM, MapQuest and Graphhopper, so I decided to adapt it to work in geopap and have those 3 options.

For both MapQuest and Graphhopper you will need to register to their website and ask for an API-KEY. That key can be inserted in the Geopaparazzi settings. If no key is available, those two routing services will not appear in the available services choice list.

2) Export images

Since we passed to the single project file format people wanted to export the images. We now added that option in the export menu.

3) Ability to change the language from within Geopaparazzi

This has been asked by one of the translators, and since we love our translators, we added that option (Force Locale) in the settings:

You can choose between the languages supported for Geopaparazzi:

After that, each newly loaded view will be in the new locale, as for example here in Japanese:

4) Bugfixes and small enhancements

  • it is now possible to open the image from its thumbnail embedded in complex forms
  • use of OpenStreetMap links in all places where position is shared
  • fix for forms that were not saved from the notes list view
  • fix for folders based mapurls that were not shown
  • fix for crash when accessing the secret view
  • fix for crash on kmz export