Saturday, January 26, 2008

Docs: the JGrass Raster Legend

Finally it is here and it is much nicer to deal with than in the old JGrass... as more or less everything or better... as everything :)

What I'm talking about? The JGrass Raster Legend!!!

So if you look into the Mapgraphics, now there is a new entry, called JGrass Raster Legend.

Drag it on the map and it will ask you to choose a map for which to draw the legend. Chose one of your layers and press ok. The legend is smart and will check if your raster map has categories.

So this is how it looks like:

1) for a raster map without categories, like the well known elevation model in the spearfish dataset

2) for a raster map with categories, like the geology map in the same dataset

As you can see some properties can already be set to make the legend look better.

There is also a tool to drag the legend for a walk and define that way its position.


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