Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How to join the JGrass development

There is an effort ongoing to create a n uptodate documentation on the JGrass wiki at the following page:

Please give feedback on the manual, we are working on it and need to know where the problems are.

Note that the howto was kept on one single site in order to be able to export the tutorial as a pdf manual.


To develop on JGrass you need 2 things to start:

1) the udig development environment + some additional plugins needed by JGrass

There is a very nice quickguide from the udig community here to get started.
We supply the target platform needed to develop. This is the udig sdk plus some more plugins added that are needed by JGrass. These are from the eclipse framework, mainly due to the fact that we have a console and this one needs some editor addons.

You can get this all here just choose the latest. The content of this has to be set as target platform in your eclipse plugin development environment.

2) the whole infinity of JGrass plugins :)

At the moment there is no official release, therefore they have to be checked out from the official SVN repository, i.e. take all you can get from here. or simply do from commandline:

svn checkout

  • trunc - here you find the base plugins, these should always work. Blame me if they don't!
  • community/moovida - this is my playground, so don't be too scared. Not all of the plugins are ready to rumble, but some of them will soon go trunc. What does NOT work or is NOT needed (i.e. DON'T blame me if they do not work):
    • eu.hydrologis.jgrass.advancedstyletest - is just a test for SLD stuff
    • eu.hydrologis.jgrass.mapgraphicdragger - drag legends and so for a walk
    • eu.hydrologis.jgrass.chart - has been a try for a view with BIRT charting
    • eu.hydrologis.jgrass.dwgdxf.datastores - this will come whenever there will be founds for it
    • eu.hydrologis.jgrass.feature - this is useless, for now
    • eu.hydrologis.jgrass.java2c2fortran.and.back - an example for bridging java-C-fortran in udig. Wrapped in an operation.
    • eu.hydrologis.jgrass.renderer.sites - renderer for old GRASS sites, not maintained for now
    • eu.hydrologis.jgrass.ui
    • eu.hydrologis.jgrass.visad.libs - needs java3d
    • eu.hydrologis.jgrass.visad.view - needs java3d

last updated 2008_03_26


lmorandini said...

The correct URI is:

moovida said...

Hi, I don't understand exactly what you mean. It seems the same to me... you mean the double slash? Is that causing problems?

Anyway very soon a complete manual will be supplied instead of this in-fact-too-small-list-of-things-to-do.
We are working on the last chapter currently.

lmorandini said...

...and the "k" instead of a "c" at the end.

moovida said...

Got it! Thank you.