Monday, May 26, 2008

BeeGIS meets HP

BeeGIS, an extention for digital field mapping for uDig / JGrass, will be part of the Technology for Teaching Higher Education Award by HP.

My Prof. Mauro De Donatis at the University of Urbino has gained the award as only Italian University. The material will be used for teaching students on the field with the BeeGIS-JGrass-Udig GIS-engine.

The official announcement is here, but I prefer the rough cellphone picture from the department wall :)

BeeGIS is a very young project, but, hey... ARPA Piemonte is already sponsoring some development for it and now this award. Young and lucky!!

PS: we will first present BeeGIS at the national Geologists for IT meeting at Offida (this one will be Italian).


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Do not forget the second prize at the adventureX of Bolzano district...