Sunday, January 11, 2009

Advanced console using under windows vista

I have to say that I am pretty happy with my console environment under windows. I mean, it will never be like in linux, but that was never going to happen in Macosx also, so no big change here. 

I m currently using Console2 loading Cygwin's bash as shell.
Everything worked fine until I didn't try to open a tiff file with imagemagik's display command, which resulted into a: Can't open display...

Being not so used to cygwin, I had some problems to get those things working. Inspired by the script contained in the xinit cygwin package, I got it working by adding the following to my cygwin's home .bashrc:

rm -rf /tmp/.X11-unix
export DISPLAY=
if [ "`ps |  grep XWin`" == "" ];
    XWin -multiwindow -clipboard -silent-dup-error &


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