Wednesday, January 7, 2009

BSOD, the blue screen of death

Hell, I'm no more used to it.
I'm really no more used to it.
A month ago in HydroloGIS we decided to make me use windows on my freetime pc, in order to be able to give better support to JGrass users. Up to that point I had always used linux at work and Mac at home... 
One week ago the sparkling new Dell XPS m1330 arrived.

Today, after one week, I got my first BSOD. Reboot, again BSOD. Visible irritated by the windows application that wants to help me guessing what could be the problem, I start over again and again, until I note that it happens due to a wirless network card problem. 
It got solved... but hell, I'm no more used to it.

The only good point in all this story is that there are a huge amount of good FOSS applications for windows now. Very good. And whatever is not there is more or less in cygwin. 

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