Saturday, April 18, 2009

Custom crs and startup memory

It seems that if Friday the 17th (in Italy) is ment to be a very bad luck day, then Saturday has to be a very lucky bugfix and hacking day.

I finally got to work on some bugs that were bothering the JGrass and BeeGIS community, and I also got a couple of things that might interest you.

The first is right now for Italians, but I will explain how it might get expanded to interested.
In JGrass we now finally ship a custom epsg database, which is basically extended with some reference systems that we need a lot in Italy.

So as you can see from the pictures, if you now search for Italian Monte Mario, you get also the more precise ones that contain the needed Bursa Wolf parameters (I borrowed them from daddy GRASS :) ).

If you have similar issues and need a particular reference system (existing and documented please :) ), drop a mail in the JGrass mailinglist and I might add it.

The second thing is related to many users having memory issues in JGrass. Since defining the java heap is not always easy in rcp derivates, I finally added a preference page:

Here you can define:
  • the workspace path: where your projects are by default created
  • the locale: the language code that defines the user interface translation
  • the memory: the memory in megabytes that you want JGrass to use

PS: the new versions of jgrass and beegis are right now uploading and it will take several hour from my home connection, so please wait until Monday :)

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