Saturday, November 19, 2011

Geopaparazzi 2.5.0 is out

We just released Geopaparazzi 2.5.0 to the market.

The main changes are around images, which now are referenced in the database. That lead also to have a layer showing them in the map.

One thing long wanted was the insertion of the GPS tags in the pictures. So Exif tags are now supported, based on position, elevation (for whatever that means) and azimuth:

The notes workflow has been unified: both from the main and map view a notes view opens with both simple image/text notes and form based notes. Next week at the Italian Osgeo chapter meeting we will talk about how to evolve the form part.



Fish said...

Just a curious question - why do geopaparazzi need to access all my personal information as contacts and have the ability to send SMSs on my android phone?

moovida said...

Hi Fish, you might have noted the Panic button:

That one sends an sms with the position to one/more phone numbers inserted in the settings. That is the one that needs SMS permission.

At some point we had a button to browse the contacts in order that one would not need to insert the number manually. That turned out to not work very well, so it got down along the list of TODO list. I guess the personal info permission got left over without anyone noticing. I have to check, but I assume that until the contact browse is back, we will not need it.

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