Friday, November 4, 2011

HyUml apps for yUML

Woa... it has been a busy time and my posting force has really dropped. There are a lot of news in the jgrasstools, uDig and open source world to tell about, but for now I will just announce this (I do not need my brain to write about certain things).

I recently got in need to be able to do some design on the road on an android tablet. So I started to search in the market and found some apps. They all were posing as gui to the really nice yUML project.
I found that an amazing idea, but the available tools didn't have certain features I felt were necessary:

* to have an editor and uml view aside of each other
* be able to easily load and save files and dump the image to disk
* be on both android and desktop

That is why I started HyUml:

It is already very usable and it is coded in really few time and with no resources, but it serves the purpose and I am having a good time with it. It is obviously open sourced, so maybe you can also make use of it.

Some snaps:

RCP Version:

Well, maybe I should add that in the lower left panel you get the html img tag text that you can put inside a wiki to have the diagram generated there. This is nifty :)

Android version:

While the android version is in the market, the rcp version has to be built as an eclipse application. For thos interested in the source code of the two projects, they are both on bitbucket on the hyuml repository.

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