Thursday, September 20, 2012

Geopaparazzi 3.2.0 is out - tons of news

A new version of Geopaparazzi is out in the market: 3.2.0 (or at least it should be soon, lately google play takes some time to get in sync)

The list of news is quite nice:
  • huge enhancement of forms with support for multiple tabs, fragments for tablets, images and map screenshots, date widgets...
  • integration of forms with kmz export
  • style enhancements on kmz export
  • send simple notes and bookmarks info via sms
  • geocoding via google services
  • osm routing via
  • measure tool is back
  • opening of geoSMS by geopaparazzi in offline mode
  • editing mode for geonotes with forms
  • support for rendering themes through style maps for offline maps
  • battery level visible in map mode
  • gps connection status visible in map mode 

Again I will try to reference to the WIKI, so that you get used to check out the documentation we keep updated with much effort.


Forms have been enhanced quite a bit when we started to create survey forms for the earthquake issues and for post flooding surveys. There is now support for enhanced user experience on tablets via multiple tabs and fragments, multiple pictures can be saved and also map screenshots can be added to the forms.

A complete explanation can be found here.


KMZ export got enhanced in two ways:

  • the new form is supported as table view
  • the style from the device is kept


For a quick exchange of basic data it is now possible to send bookmarks and notes (not forms) via sms. The same sms can be opened on an other device and imported. If there are too many data, they are split over multiple sms.


Support has been added for geocoding and routing. Those features need a network connection.

The options are explained here.


Since our migration to mapsforge, the measure tool had been removed due to technical issues. Several users complained about that, so we had to get it back somehow.


Geopaparazzi is now able to open geoSMS in offline mode directly from the sms. That is handy when you are not online (which in my case is almost always during surveys).


Notes that were inserted with a form attached, can now be reopened ad edited. Even if that doesn't show bit screenshots, this is one of the most important features if you are doing complex surveys with forms.


uDig now directly supports the import of geopaparazzi data. A howto can be found here.

That's all folks! Enjoy!


About Hydrology said...

Excellent work

trees@timgould said...

Good work GeoPap, but the uDig (1.3.2) import from GeoPap chokes saying something about JDBC and sqlite. Anyone any ideas?

andrea antonello said...

Hi Tim, thanks for reporting, That is really bad, after the work I did to add it. Maybe the sqlite library got bumped out before teh release.
It should be easy to solve though. I will look at it ASAP and let you know here.

trees@timgould said...

Thanks Andrea for replying so quickly. I've just started a project mapping important trees in an area for considering their legal protection, and was keen to investigate using Geopap for aspects of this. I'm new to uDig, normally using QGIS - any plans/ideas for QGIS and Geopap?
Kind regards, Tim

andrea antonello said...

Hei Tim, I have found the problem and fixed it in uDig. I will see what I can do to get it going before waiting for the new release.

regarding QGis, you are not the first askin gme. I am afraid I can't help you though, I am no Qgis developer and have no idea about how to do that. I would gladly support anyone able to do so with insight on the data types and forms.

trees@timgould said...

Thanks again Andrea. How about posting a download link to the fixed uDig?

andrea antonello said...

Yes, one kin dguy of the community is going to make a snapshot release with the new change. As soon as it is out, I'll let you know.

andrea antonello said...

Ok, looks like the releases are up:


Let me know if that works for you.

trees@timgould said...

Hi Andrea, the SNAPSHOT uDig now imports OK from Geopap. One further question - is there some instruction somewhere on how to view/work with the form data collected on Android? Many thanks, Tim

andrea antonello said...

I put some docs here:

See if you can find what you need.