Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Geopaparazzi 3.2.5 is out - mostly fixes and localization

Well there have been a couple of bugfix release that didn't need any announcement, but for this one I think it is good to let you know.

One nice guy has added a French translation of the project to our crowdin translation platform. Thanks Fred whoever you are :) !

Please let me know if you are working on translations, I can cut a release for you to see how it results in the user interface.
Since we were there, we updated also the Italian translation.

On request of some users some infos were added to the notes and gps logs:

1) the notes now show also the lat/long of the point

2) the gps log properties now show the start and end timestamp

A major bug has been fixed when merging gps logs together. Now merging is safe:

Last but not least, the GPS indicator has been fixed. It has been reported to be a bit unstable on certain phones which resulted in being unable to record logs or notes.

Enoy and please report back any problem. Thanks!


Dm Kt said...
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Dm Kt said...


I want to make a Russian translation.
How can i do this?

andrea antonello said...

Hi Dm Kt. Translations are very welcome. Here we explain how to contribute one: https://code.google.com/p/geopaparazzi/wiki/TranslateGeopaparazzi