Sunday, October 14, 2012

The new uDig video tutorial series

The following comes from the udig-news blog, since I wrote it I will report it also here.

Today we activated a youtube channel for uDig:

Here we want to collect different video material about uDig.

Some members of the community have agreed on creating each week a new tutorial about any feature not yet described.

Need some examples?

Ever needed to change language of the gui?
Or maybe you are new to GIS and are wondering about how to load common gis data formats?
What about query data in uDig?

More advanced users might need to rasterize a shapefile or vectorize a raster?
Scientific users might want to get started with the Spatial toolbox to do some analyses, maybe start with the extraction of a watershed from a DEM?

Anyone can contribute to the channel and anyone can ask for a tutorial about a certain feature.
On this page information about ongoing tutorial production is kept.
If you need a tutorial about any uDig feature, check if it is not already listed there, and if it is not, join the mailinglist and ask kindly. :)

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