Saturday, December 8, 2012

Android: Incomplete location object, missing timestamp or accuracy - ERROR

 Recently, when using my own Mock GPS Provider, I was getting an exception on my Google Nexus phone:

Incomplete location object, missing timestamp or accuracy

this almost drove me mad, since I could not find any solution out in the net.

Also it seemd to happen only on Jelly Bean Android devices.

So I had to do what I usually do not like a lot... dive in the Android source code. Luckily it was an easy one.

The LocationManager does a check on the Location object (isComplete method). There we have the mess. A check is made for

if (mElapsedRealtimeNanos == 0)

but I am not able to set that variable anywere before JB.
So if you create a Location with an SDK prior to JB and then run the code on JB, it will throw you an exception.

There is a nice method that, as javadoc states, helps backwards compatibility:

  1. /**
  2.      * Helper to fill incomplete fields.
  3.      *
  4.      * Used to assist in backwards compatibility with
  5.      * Location objects received from applications.
  6.      *
  7.      * @see #isComplete
  8.      * @hide
  9.      */
  10.     public void makeComplete()

So what you need to do to make sure your mock LocationManager doesn't break, is simply check at runtime if the method exists through reflection:

Method locationJellyBeanFixMethod = Location.class.getMethod("makeComplete");
if (locationJellyBeanFixMethod != null) {

and if it does, invoke it on the "incomplete" location object.

Since it is anyway a Mock class, I have no problem with that solution. I just wonder if that is the way to go. I assume not, since in that case it would be documented somewhere.

But well, it works. Hope that helps someone out there.


Unknown said...

Thanks so much for posting this. Guaranteed theres going to be a few people scratching their heads at that error message.

nob said...

Thank you, it works.