Sunday, January 5, 2014

Geopaparazzi 3.9.0 is out

The last months have been tough. There have been a lot of contribution to the project and too few time to run after them.

So there will be no big talk around this release (not by me at least).

You will have to check through it on your own. :)

To cite the release notes, the following are the important bits done:
  • user interface enhancements
  • option to insert note both in gps or mapcenter position
  • added min/max visualization zooms for spatialite
  • added dash pattern for vector styles
  • import of different bookmarks files
  • enhanced support for setting sdcard path
  • interactive comboboxes in forms
  • integer numbers in forms
  • context menu now on actionbar for compatibility
  • mapview slider remembers last status
  • gpx export fix for time
  • fixes in map centering and zooming
  • fix for spatialite data queries
  • moved build system to gradle
I spent my last sparkle of energy to port the old wiki from the google code repo to the github wiki in ReST format. The next step will be using sphinx on it.  Even if the images are sometimes a bit big, it is useful and a bit better organized. But it needs love... a lot of love. Any love around?

As usual it will take some time to get through the google play process... but it should be on your device in few hours.

We hope you enjoy it, there has been a lot of work by several people, both developers and testers.
Thanks in particular to Mark for the spatialite support and Eli, Tim and Zsolt for testing and constructive discussions. 

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