Friday, January 9, 2015

Geopaparazzi 4.1.0 is out: beam it to me!

Well, as sad as I am that Geopaparazzi 4.1.0 doesn't support Android versions before 4.1, it was definitely time to move on from version 2.3. For those with older devices version 3 of geopaparazzi will hopefully work.

This gave me finally the possibility to do something I dream of since watching Star Trek as a kid: BEAMING!!!

So this will be presented as feature number one for this new version. :-D

1) Beaming of gps logs between devices

Assume you are on a survey and your battery is dying. Assume you have a second device you can use with full battery. You need to send the data over in order to continue your project there.

Well, one version is to somehow share your project database through wifi (if available) or connecting to a pc.

Well, now you have a much quicker way, even if for now only for gps tracks (and only if your phone supports NFC).

Make sure NFC is activated and follow this short howto:

Isn't that incredibly cool? :-)

2) Share your current position

Well, lately one thing made me very upset. My mother, which uses geopaparazzi when she goes hiking, used to share her position through the SMS function (the one available from the panic view). She recently upgraded her mobile plan with internet connection and started to share her position through telegram instead:

Do you see the problems? First, at least family has to stick together and she has to use geopaparazzi to share her position :-) and second I can't have her using Google Maps instead of Openstreetmaps to show me were she is. It simply doesn't work.

So I removed the send data via sms function, which was quite experimental and not used and added the Share Position function, which is now available in the maps view menu:

This will take you to the usual android sharing screen and if you select for example telegram, the OSM link to the position + marker will be sent:

And the link will bring you to:

3) Spanish localization

I am very happy to welcome on board a new translator for Spanish. That translation has been unmaintained in the last years, so I am very happy this important language is supported properly!

4) Bugfixes

Apart of the two above features, some last minute bugfixes went in:
  • zoom to track start/end not working
  • crash with enquiry on Spatialite layer with null attribute
  • GPX exports only node

As usual you will have to wait until google play throws out the version.

Enjoy and beam!!!

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