Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Geopaparazzi (almost only) bugfix release 4.1.1

A user from the Italian GFOSS mailinglist made me aware of a nasty bug in the new polygon editing system. Basically when merging two polygons creating a new polygon, the result would not be written on a multipolygon layer, which is simply wrong.

This has been fixed and since there was also a small leftover checkbox on the new project creation dialog (which looked really really ugly) I decided to do a bugfix release.

I also threw in language updates.

Why were they necessary?
Well because obviously in the meanwhile a new feature entered Geopaparazzi.

It is now possible to continue a previously closed log. When you start a new log you will now have a checkbox available that by default is set to off. If for any reason you want to continue from the previously closed log, check that one. No new log will be created, data will be attached to the last inserted.

Pay attention to what you do though. The system will not care about the fact, that the previous log was closed a week before. You might have strange results in the speed chart :-)


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