Thursday, July 5, 2018

Geopaparazzi 5.6.1 is out

Usually when I have time to make bugfixes I also make a release after that. Last time I did fixes I then got caught in the work crossfire and forgot to. I didn't notice, since on my devices I have the most advanced testing devel version.

Yesterday Silvia asked me why the fix she asked for wasn't there yet! :-)
So I noticed. Well, I added a couple of more fixes to the closed list and here we go.

This is mostly a bugfix release, with a few minor usability enhancements that recently a very advanced geopaparazzi user started to report. I am not able to catch up with all his reports, but some of them are in.

Here we go:


  • better feedback about form name and positioning mode (GPS or Map Center) in actionbar
  • all exports now follow all the same pattern. They are exported in the geopaparazzi/export folder and their name is made if the project name + type + timestamp of export
  • project PDF export now has the possibility to export only a selected portion of notes
  • activate button for profiles is now on the main cardview
  • better proportion of forms in portrait mode
  • tile sources icon is now always visible in actionbar
  • dashboard enhancements: visualize number of notes and logs, open notes list on long tap
  • save button in forms now a floating action button to remind user to save


  • the force locale didn't have English to allow a user to go back to default
  • fixes on profiles not being visible in landscape mode
  • fix for last background map used not reloaded on app restart
  • fix for crash on pushing back button in form notes
  • fix for crash on issue empty sql query in advanced view
  • fix for issue with saving forms with empty fields
  • avoid data loss in form notes when user exists with back button. Now the user is warned.

 And of course, language updates.


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