Monday, November 18, 2019

Geopaparazzi 6 is out. Now or never!

It has been an infinite time from the last geopaparazzi release. I only figured when I did the release. With all the work around the Geopaparazzi Survey Server and SMASH the main kid has been left behind.

So today it was the now or never. We are throwing Geopaparazzi out to the market. It will no doubt be the most important release of the year.

The new features can be found in this presentation:

Many thanks to several people that helped on the manuals, with fixes and features, that made descriptive and useful bug reports. Brent, Eli, Peter, Tim, Andrew, thanks for the support.

Things will still get quite crazy from here on. We are almost ready to add support for geopackage (also in editing mode... I hope), which is getting more and more used.

So enjoy. Test, Report issues. Enjoy!

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