Thursday, May 21, 2020

SMASH 1.2.0 is out... and it is packed with goodies!

SMASH 1.2.0 is out in the google and apple stores and it comes packed with a whole set of new features. Not even sure where to start. Here we go...

Welcome and Project View

We never had it, but it was time.When SMASH starts up it need to check some permissions, layers, data, forms and much more. Now you will be notified and see something is going on:

After that the projects view comes. Make your choice, new/old or fast choice between recent?

Data formats

Some new formats are available now.

Raster files in World image format

SMASH now supports loading of raster imagery in the tiff/jpg/png + worldfile (tfw/jgw/pgw) + projection file.

So once you load the rasters in the layer view, it will check the projection.

In this case we have 3 different projections and while 4326 and 3857 are supported. So the first time this happens you will need to tap on the layer to try to download the proj definition for the projection.
If you are lucky enough, the epsg was recognized and the definition downloaded. Now the dataset is loaded. Mind that while on vector data a re-projection is really performed, in case of raster images, the images is just warped using the boundaries. So this could lead to some unwanted distortions. So always bet to use 4326 data for rasters.
The result is quite nice and transparency can be applied where needed.
Here below a jpg loaded in 32632:

 and a tiff loaded in 3857:

Small confession: this is the reason there has been also a version 1.1.0. We found out there were some issues with the projection of the raster imagery files and decided to fix them an release right away.

Shapefile read support

SMASH now supports shapefiles ( outch, who would want them?). 

And they are actually styled with SLD:

And can be queried:

They are and will always be (unless someone pays tons of money) read-only layers. All the editing will be moved to geopackage in future.

WMS/TMS support

TMS has already been supported, now WMS is also here. And there is a beautiful catalog to hold them:

The maps are actually live maps which help to see if a service works even before adding it.

WMS looks the same and both can export and import the definitions:

To add a new definition, since that is a rude thing to do on the device, we tried to make it as comfortable as possible:

Layer management

Layers can now be dragged to reorder them and they can be removed with a right-to-left swipe.
If they support zooming to or styling, it is found in a right-to-left swipe.

Note that this is now harmonized in all list views with zoom and style.


and logs:


The biggest new is for sure the fact that SMASH now supports background logging, i.e. logging with the screen off. No image here, but you know what that means.

We also added to the settings view:

a GPS live view to be able to play with the settings and see what happens:

As you can see the rose of incoming points is visible in the background, so give an idea of what is going on.

Last but not least, it is possible to activate a counter for GPS points (all vs filtered) to be seen on the main view in the GPS icon:

Other notable things

Debug view

We added a debug view, accessible from the settings:

Better drawers layout

The left and right drawer and the actionbar have been reviewed.
The right drawer is now accessible by icon and contains all the tools, in expandable sumenus.

 As a result the left drawer is now more clean and project related:

And an online help has been added, which is never bad :-)

The GPS info panel has been cleaned up a bit and one can copy each coordinate to the clipboard:

 Notes have labels

We added labels also to project notes:


A nice grid plugin has been added to flutter map, so we added it here also:


 Reprojection support

As mentioned in the raster imagery part, support has been added for projections. If a projection is not known, it will be required to download its definition. After that vector data will be reprojected properly. This part is still a bit experimental. But it already looks good.


Small things

  • sharing the position has now the Openstreetmap url
  • fixes have been done in the forms engine

 Guess that is all! Enjoy!

PS: as usual the user manual is lagging behind a version. Is there some gentle soul out there that would be willing to help?

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