Tuesday, July 21, 2020

SMASH 1.3.0 and GSS 3.0.0 are out, in sync

Since the last SMASH release we have been mostly concentrating on enhancing the server side to have a better synchronization experience.

That said (and discussed below), some enhancements have come to SMASH:

Kalman filter for GPS logs

GPS logs are now created using both the original GPS coordinates and filtered coordinates (in this case a Kalman filter). It is possible to select what to view by double tapping on the log icon:

One can view the filtered data while hiding the original GPS data:

or view the original and hide the filtered:

or, as I prefer it, have the original in transparency and see the filtered:

which helps me to understand how bad my GPS performs in tunnels :-)

geopackage enhancements

Editing of the attributes table is now possible if the data table has a primary key. If a table is editable, the editing icon is visible:

Now let's wait for geometry editing ;-)

Visibility settings

We already have seen how gps logs visibility settings can be changed. In general we now have on the actions buttons that support it, the following paradigm:
  • single tap: add new
  • double tap: settings
  • long tap: view list
As such, double tapping on the notes button, opens a view mode dialog, which allows to configure if the use wants to see the notes with or without label, or hide them at all:

Other icons that support double tap:

  • the GPS icon: toggles automatic centering on GPS.
  • the layers icon: opens the plugin dialog to enable or disable plugins:

This is all too difficult to remember? Well, you are lucky! We just added coach markers!

Coach markers

Coach markers help the user on screen as a user manual would do. The first time SMASH is launched they are run, but they can be accessed from the upper right question mark icon:

et voila', easy to know what the actions do.

The Geopaparazzi Survey Server

So what is new with the GSS? Well, for one thing, it has been reviewed and has a more straightforward user interface:

But how does sync work in 3 screenshots?

On SMASH you take a form based note:

Assuming you set the right server in the settings, you then export to GSS. You will get a summary of what will be uploaded:

If you choose to upload, each item will start in direction server:

And on the server it will be visible the same way it was on smash, with the same icon, the same label:

The manuals!!

Would you believe it? We updated the manuals!!!

So, to see all the features for the GSS just run here: https://www.geopaparazzi.org/gss/

to see everything about SMASH, here: https://www.geopaparazzi.org/smash/

Well, that's all folks, enjoy! We have a timeline for smash 1.4.0, 1.5.0 and 1.6.0 with some features, so expect some updates during the coming year.


SMASH is already on Google Play and will be on the Apple store in the next hours.

The GSS is available as docker image. The above link has installation instructions to install it using postgis.


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