Thursday, December 23, 2010

Geopaparazzi 2.0.0 Xmas preview

This year's Xmas gift is a complete change of geopaparazzi's usability and several new features.
This forced us to get out a 2 version, but well, I hope we will be sticking on that one for a long long while.

A couple of preview shots:

Finding the google design tips really good, I decided geopaparazzi needed more gui love, with a nice dashboard and always available actionbar, as well as better logging handling and blah blah, gui, blah... The result is this:

There are now those small wonderthings that make me hot on stylish mobile apps.

Gps info pops out like this:

There is one single button for notes. Once touched, it presents all 3 options:

The logging has now a safer way to turn loggin on and off:

As I said before, the action bar is now available also in the map view, which also got added the center on gps button:

And yes, also notes of different types can be taken from here:

But the most (or second most) amazing news here is the support for structured notes. It is possible to describe buttons and forms through json files, that then generate the needed guis for the creation of notes:

And that one is really something I like :)
The kml export now exports those notes embedding tables inside the notes itself. This leads to extremly nice results of superfast surveys.
On the BeeGIS import side we still have to work a bit to see how to handle those. One idea is to create shapefiles containing the form fields as attribute table. The doors are open.

Well, I can't leave without a screen about the panic action. Since many were using the panic action just to send their position, the panic action kind of lost its sense. Therefore we decidd to give two status updates with different messages in the sent sms:

I really wanted to get this out today, but we need to do more testing and ask the translators for their updates. Will be out as soon as possible!!


Unknown said...

Great news!

Would 2.0 be available through Android Marked?

For those of us who have purchased a license of Geopaparazzi in Android Marked earlier, would the 2.0 version be available as an update or a new license?

moovida said...

Definitely as update! Paying once is a great support to us but absolutely enough :)