Wednesday, February 10, 2021

HydroloGIS turns 16 + joining Aries

Today it’s HydroloGIS’ birthday. We count 16 years of passionate open source engagement in the fields of GIS and environmental engineering, against the odds of those that told us in the face that you can’t live on open source and share your work and your knowledge for free. 

Well, in our 16th birthday we have one big news to share. It is with great pleasure that we announce the start of our collaboration with the team of Artificial Intelligence for Environment and Sustainability (in short ARIES) of the Basque Center for Climate Change. 
With this collaboration we finally close a circle going back to our roots: integrated modelling for the environment. This is how we started over 15 years ago, developing and maintaining the open source project of the Hortonmachine. Having the possibility to join what we think is the most important open source project addressing integrated modelling, is huge for us. 
Silvia will be working on water related modelling, mostly hydrology and hydraulics. Andrea will be joining the klab core engine team as a GIS expert.

So don’t be confused if you find us on the Aries page. We are still HydroloGIS, but with a beautiful breeze of research that flows steadily through our souls. :-)
And so that it is clear, the Hortonmachine project will be strengthened by this collaboration (klab already uses the Hortonmachine modules) and the SMASH and Geopaparazzi projects will move on as they were doing before, in case you were worried.

Ahhh, life's goood!