Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How to keep track of memory status

In our field of application, heavily using raster maps and analysing them, we get into out-of-memory problems rather often. Not always these exceptions are trapped and we end up waiting for something that will never come.

So one way to keep track of all this, is the nice FreeMem plugin by Markus Oliver. It is really easy to install throught the update manager (explained in the last post).
Just enter http://www.junginger.biz/eclipse/ as your new remote update site.

Install it and restart JGrass (Udig/Eclipse, it will work for all of them). In the list of loadable views there will be a new one, the FreeMem, which will look like this:

In the list of installable plugins there is also a RSS-feed reader. Just for fun I installed it also in JGrass and inserted as test the feed to this blog :)

I love this rcp environment!

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silli said...

Tomorrow I will try to install them... the memory plugin seems to be the solution at many not ended command with huge data.
Thanks Moovida. :-)