Sunday, March 2, 2008

JGrass released in prealpha after an amazing year!!

2008/02/29 the day I finally packaged a prealpha JGrass release!

We hope that releasing at the 29th of a leap year will be of good luck for the project and not mean that we will release every 4 years :).

This is the first touchable result of a long time of heavy development to migrate the old JGrass functionalities into the new udig framework. Enjoy!

I would like to personally thank the great uDig community that accepted us and gave us every needed help. Hat off to Refractions and its developers. And Jesse and Jody, you really were patient with us. Thank you so much! There is always a free beer for you in Italy ;)

Well, what more to say? Run to the new JGrass page and try it out!

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