Friday, September 26, 2008

Hydrology done by JGrass

Today I had to luck to assist in a hydrology lesson of professor Riccardo Rigon (this one done by Silvia) at the University of Trento. 60 young, wellbehaving, interested students sitting at the pcs I once upon a time was sitting (at that time using mapinfo)...

What an enormous feeling seeing them all use JGrass. Folks, here we are contributing to the formation of some of the future engineers... they are growing free!

Now I can really start relaxed to Cape Town.
This year we have 3 presentations, 1 workshop at the FOSS4G and a workshop for geography professors at a highschool in Cape Town.

After many years of struggles, these are all things that keep one's faith alive!
Cape Town, we are coming! :)

PS: if you are a hydrology/geomorphology teacher and want information about JGrass for education, feel free to contact us.

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Robert V. Sobczak said...

I'm a hydrologist with the National Park Service in south Florida. We are at the tail-end of our "rainy season" ... but it ends with a band, October is still hurricane season. Anyhow, I came across your blog, and thought you'd be interested in the way I present hydrology information on my water blog. Take Care.