Monday, October 13, 2008

Post African Post

I always thought I would write a really nice and long post about the FOSS4G2008 experience, as soon as I'm back. And now that I'm back? I am so tired, confused and overloaded with work that I wouldn't even know where to start :)

So for now, let me just point you to the presentation and workshop slides the JGrass Team held at FOSS4G2008 in Cape Town. They are what really matters, together with the JGrass release I'm going to cut in the next 48 hours fixing bugs we found at the various workshops.

JGrass presentations and workshop slides and data.

In order to have at least a few pictures of Cape Town in here:

1) Silvia presenting J-Hydro

2) workshop for geography teachers at Trafalgar Highschool

3) showing where to go next year for having the same fun at FOSS4G2009

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