Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The day GRASS maps learned to fly through my projections

On of the things I was dreaming from bringing the GRASS raster format to geotools, was the fact to be able to reproject them on the fly. Be able to reproject them without all this issues around r.proj that I used so many time. Just select a box with the coordinate reference system and voila', distorce my map around the world... and now it is there, growing to be in the JGrass development version... and you have to see this...

1) the adige basin in EPSG:32632, UTM zone 32N

2) EPSG:3003, Gauss boaga (no evident change, just coordinates change)

3) the almighty EPSG:4326... the World Geodetic System 1984...

Tonight I will sleep quite :)

And soon the export to reprojected geotiff will come...

As good Simone makes me notice, I should thank those guys that helped me with that odd thing that is coverage. Some knowledge came from both (in alphabetic order :)) from:
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