Friday, August 20, 2010

Labels and Raster color masks

A quick update on the style editors for uDig for those who care.
The labels part and a raster color mask is now there for testing.

1) Example about lines labels

Now all the feature style panels have a labels panel added:

from there you can do several stuff, I will just show the labelling of lines here.

More or less I tried to support everything that gepotools does (some of it is taken from the sld cookbook of the geoserver community).

So the result would be:

2) Another thing that has been missing for a while in uDig is the possibility to create an alpha mask based on a color for imagery.

If for example I have a tecnical map:

which I would love to see in overlay with an ortophoto, I now can go into the style options and set a color to alpha:

Which then would lead to have the wanted overlay:

Sadly this last is not something that is supported in the SLD specs (so they tell me), so it can't be persisted in a sld file. However it might be added to geotools as a vendor option. That would be awesome. For now, I'll enjoy it in uDig...


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