Saturday, August 14, 2010

svn merges from trunk

How easy is it to merge fixes from trunk into a stable version you did before?

With mercurial or git really easy, with svn it might be really easy :)

I have been lucky, having to merge fixes from the uDig trunk into the uDig 1.2.0 release tag, which, as it seems, was not really ready and didn't pass the QA.

Few steps to do the merge:

1) checkout the tag into which the new changes have to go

svn co udig1.2.0tag

that creates a folder udig1.2.0tag with the tag code in it.

2) cd into that folder and check for the differences with trunk:

svn diff -r31936:31952

31936:31952 are the revisions that were added to trunk after the tag.

Check the changes and see if the patch can work out for you or.... if you nothing scares you....

3) do the merge! :)

svn merge -r31936:31952

Well, if you are lucky you have no conflicts, else just open up your IDE and fix them. Then commit. Your merge is done. Hmmmm, why is this always so scary?
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