Saturday, August 7, 2010

Themed Styles are back in time for 1.2 release

Those that were using the release candidates of uDig and were interested in style might have noticed that the themed style editor got quite buggy.

In the final rushes of the 1.2.0 release of uDig we fixed all of it (that we noticed) and also added a couple of enhancements.

First of all, icons were all black and didn't show the geometry type.
Now we see polygons being like this:

and points like this:

we also note differences between the point mark type:

One thing I was really finding blocking was the fact that only ColorBrewer colortables were supported. Well, I heard many people tell me that 12 classes of color would be enough, but then again I was asking myself why for example the standard colortable of the Corine Landcover has 45?

Well, everyone should be able to choose, so I did two things:

1) Add two dynamic colortables that adapt to the number of requested classes by colorinterpolation:

You might or might not know that the colorrules can be customized and the border color can be set.

Well, that makes Italy look a bit like the Girl in the red coat from Schnidler's List. Well, given the current political status...

2) It is now possible to add custom colortables to uDig. In my example I added the Corinne Landcover colortable:

Well, I have to add something that will come through the new style editor that is in progress :)

So let's for example start with the cities layer and create a theme with the population rank as unique value (which also was added right now).

Then let's jump into the new points panel, were we find the different rules of the theme as expected. In the General Properties of each rule we then set the size to be field based:

The result is a theme that also sets the size:


Andrea Aime said...

Very nice!

moovida said...

Hah, and wait to see how polygons are coming :)
If it wasn't for your work...
Thanks man!

Jody Garnett said...

Thanks for the hard work!

You should really get this blog picked up by

Luca said...

wow, one of the most boring limitation of udig is fixed ! well done.

moovida said...

Well, kudos to those nice guys that paid for it! :)