Friday, December 29, 2023

SMASH 1.8 is out!

Dear all, it has been a while, but some stuff has been going on in the SMASH community. And we now have a new release. So let's have a look at what is new.

We farewell the play store

It is a while we have additional work to do and are loosing usability in SMASH due to the restrictions imposed by the google store. The most impacting has sure been the fact to not be able to access the phone memory freely. And asking google permission to do so didn't work out, since it seems that only file browsers applications and antivirus need to access the memory freely.

With the help of the F-Droid community (special thanks to IzzySoft, Linsu and Licaon-kter) we have been able to make our second appearance on the f-Droid store. And that is now enough to completely migrate there. So we made a last release of SMASH for the store today, but it will be the last one. Please from now on come and get SMASH from the F-Droid store, where the real open source apps live.

Flutter map

We finally made an upgrade of flutter_map, the map widget library used. This took so long, because the architecture of the library had changed and took some rework inside SMASH.

And now on to the new features:

Geometries inside forms

One nice addition that we have to thank Luca Delucchi and the Digiagriapp for is the possibility to insert inside of complex notes.


URL based forms combos

It is now possible to insert in forms URLs to substitute long item lists in comboboxes (dropdown lists). This allows forms to be smaller in case of large amounts of items and also to be more dynamic.

Gejson layer support

Geojson is now one of the supported formats in read and write mode (together with geopackage and postgis). It can be used in combination with sld styling as for the other vector formats.

More efficient toolbar

The toolbar has been redone with more usability in mind.

Editing is done on a sidebar now:

and in the settings it is possible to remove unused buttons: